JRI Group

JRI Group

Operating in Chile, Peru and Argentina, the JRI Group is a pool of companies that provide various services, mainly to the mining industry. Led by JRI Ingeniería S.A., the JRI Group is constituted by the companies described below, and its shareholders are Juan Rayo Ingeniería S.A. (88.96%) and Sociedad de Inversiones Aristo Ltda. (11.04%).

COPRIM Ingeniería S.A.

A Chilean engineering consulting company with over 33 years’ experience in meeting the needs of the smelting and metals refining industry. Its areas of expertise include all operations involved in pyrometallurgical processes, while its usual activity consists of: performing consultancy work and engineering studies; designing and supplying technological innovation equipment, such as processing gas collection hoods and radiative coolers; and the procurement management, the construction and assembly administration, and the commissioning of plants and operations.

Gerencia de Proyectos S.A.C. (Gerenpro)

A Peruvian construction company founded in 1975 which provides services of manufacturing steel structures, civil construction and electromechanical assembly of industrial plants, to all types of industries.

JRI Perú S.A.C.

An engineering consultant for Peruvian mining established in 2008 as a subsidiary of JRI. Its services and areas of expertise are essentially the same as its parent company.

JRQ Ingeniería y Construcción S.A.

A Chilean company established in 2010 as a partnership between JRI and R&Q Ingeniería, with the purpose of providing, to the national and international mining industry, development services for investment projects through EPCM contracts.

Centro de Investigación JRI S.A. (JRI Research Center)

Founded in 2010 with the mission of becoming a platform in order to both systematize the numerous research, development and innovation activities fostered by JRI over its 30 years of operation, as well as to offer, to the mining industry, various laboratory services, among which stand out: rheological testing, granulometry analysis, pycnometry, sample preparation, sedimentation assays and data analysis and interpretation.

Operaciones Relave S.A.

Closed stock company founded in 1998, whose shareholders are Besalco (50.5%), Arcadis Geotécnica (24.75%) and JRI (24.75%). Its main mission is to provide, to the mining industry, specialized services for building, maintenance and operation of tailings disposal systems.

Ingeniería y Construcciones Incolur-JRI Ltda.

A joint venture between JRI and Incolur established in 2007 to apply for tenders for EPC contracts for water or slurry piping, to which such companies were invited.

Juan Rayo Capacitación S.A. (JRCap)

A technical training agency that imparts, to the mining industry, specific training services in those fields in which JRI has historically been a referent.

REI S.A. (JRI Argentina)

An Argentinian company which arises from the interest of establishing an alliance with the representatives of CICON, a prestigious Argentinian construction firm, in order to provide consulting engineering and building administration services, to the Argentinian mining industry.